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Message to our Loyal Users of CAST UDL Curriculum Self-Check, UDL Book Builder, UDL Exchange, and UDL Studio

On January 15, 2024, we will retire this website, along with a few others. We know it has many devoted followers who will be sad to see it go. We'r e sad, too.

Making these creative tools and offering them free-of-charge to educators, parents, and learners at no charge the past decade-plus has been our joy, we also know that usage is way down, funding for the tools ran out years ago, and their underlying technologies are no longer contemporary.

To ensure a smooth transition, we're providing a three-month sunset period so you have sufficient time to download any stored materials you may have on the sites and to find alternative tools. After January 15, we will also close all user accounts.

Thank you again for your understanding and be sure to visit to learn more about the exciting innovat ions we are pursuing today and tomorrow! Questions:



Welcome to the CAST Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Curriculum Self-Check

Use this site to help you apply UDL principles in your teaching to reach and engage all of your students. The goal of UDL is to enable all individuals to gain knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for learning. Learn about UDL, Check Your Curriculum, or Explore Resources for ideas on how to build options and flexibility into each element of your curriculum.

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